Encore Quality Service LLC has performed many landscape design, installation projects and lawn maintenance for Kimco Realty through the years. Unfortunately, the landscaping services was recently awarded to another company as Kimco Realty’s budget changed and they were forced to acquire more competitive bids. It’s our hopes to acquire the landscaping in this location again soon. We are currently performing asphalt sweeping operations in one of Kimco Realty’s most prominent shopping centers, ‘River Hill’ in Columbia, MD. We are also currently providing asphalt sweeping operations at the Charlestown Plaza in Charlestown, WV. During our term of providing landscaping and lawn maintenance services in the Charlestown Plaza, we actually took the property to a new level upon our initiative. Between this particular shopping center and the highway there was initially brush which had grown to the point that the shopping center appeared dull and the stores were actually difficult to see, including a Walmart. Encore Quality Service LLC cut down and removed the brush and cleaned up the underlying debris. This is now a service at which Kimco Realty expects and performs regularly as their tenants and neighborhood appreciated the change.

MikeProperty ManagerKimco Realty Corp.Columbia, MD
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