Sod Installation

Sod Installation and Landscape Design in Hagerstown MDEncore Quality Services LLC applies a quality, weed – free Maryland Certified Tall Fescue Sod, which is cut with a thick depth of topsoil. When establishing a lawn, sod gives immediate results where seeding requires several months of patience and high maintenance to get a uniform lawn. Seeding starts out as small seedlings which leave ample space for weeds to establish and compete with the turf. We install sod which is blended from the highest quality certified seed. The seed mixture contains three tall fescue varieties and each variety compliments the other, creating a stronger, healthier and more disease resistant turf. We recognize every stage of laying sod as an important process to ensure a luxurious lawn.

Our installations are done in the steps as follows.

  • Vegetation is removed from the area by use of a sod cutter or a tiller.
  • Grading operations are performed to ensure proper drainage from the site.
  • A fine grade of the area is performed, clearing it free from rocks, gravels and debris which may distract proper rooting capabilities.
  • Leaf-gro is tilled into the top few inches of topsoil to ensure adequate nutrients.
  • Soil is lightly watered to cool and reduce temperature shock and lack of moisture.
  • Sod is carefully placed and staples are applied.
  • The sod is then rolled to improve root contact and to remove the air pockets. Air pockets can reduce establishment because there is little contact between the roots and soil.
  • Sufficient watering of the freshly laid sod is performed. Watering of the sod is a very important matter for at least the first two weeks after the installation, pending on weather conditions.

Mulching and Pressure Washing in Hagerstown, MarylandWhere water supply is an issue, or the site lacks an adequate irrigation system, we bring the water to you in our fresh water spray tanks to get the job done.

The sooner that sod is installed after it is cut out from the sod farm, the better. Allowing the sod to dry out prior to installation can promote disease or the sod may actually die shortly after the installation. We plan our sod installations carefully, ensuring that as soon as its picked up from the sod farm and delivered to you, its placed upon the topsoil, watered sufficiently and rolled.

We have reputation of completing our projects on time, even when presented with a short notice. If you have a deadline, we’ll be sure to meet it.

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