Asphalt Sweeping

Asphalt Sweeping and Lawn Maintenance in Frederick, MDEncore Quality Services LLC will bring your property to a new level at the completion of the first asphalt sweeping. Studies show that individuals claim their opinion of a community, office, organization, or a shopping center, at the moment in which they enter the property. When the entrances, streets, sidewalks or turf contain debris, it may cost the sale of a home, loss of a client or a customer. Un-maintained streets or sidewalks can also wreak havoc on the longevity of the surfaces, as application of salt or other melting agents take its toll from the winter season. Fortunately, Encore Quality Services remedies these situations by providing clients with superior asphalt sweeping services.

During our asphalt sweeping operations, service associates perform the following, where applicable, and according to each clients particular specifications:

  • Debris are blown out from the surrounding turf, sidewalks, curb corners, docks and entrances with high powered blowers.

Mulching and Lawn Maintenance in Hagerstown and Frederick, MD

  • The entire street or parking lot is cleaned with a power sweeper and vacuum.
  • Trash cans are emptied and new liners are placed. Trash cans are wiped from dirt or debris.
  • Window sills in front of shopping centers are wiped cleaned from dirt and debris.
  • Management is notified of any items in need of attention such as bulk trash, abandoned vehicles, damage to street signs, unauthorized signs and damage to anything within the vicinity.
  • Bulk items are picked up and properly disposed of.
  • Ash trays are emptied and wiped free from debris as needed.
  • Debris is hand picked from shrubbery and other unreachable areas.

Mulching and Pressure Washing in Hagerstown, MDPorter service is an option performed in addition to asphalt sweeping services. This service is found of convenience for those busy shopping centers, which need additional attention after the mid day rush of lunch hour.

“New Clients appreciate a simple difference in our asphalt sweeping services – We actually get out of our trucks!”
-Lisa M. Carroll, Encore Quality Services LLC


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