Custom Lawn Plaques & Custom Topiary Art

Custom Plaques in Frederick, MD and Beyond

Encore Quality Services LLCs custom lawn plaques are a creative way to enhance any landscape.

Custom Plaques and Landscape Design in Frederick, MDNearly any logo can be created including:

  • Plaques for business logos
  • Plaques expressing personal interest; an excellent gift idea
  • Plaques containing residential addresses
  • And much more.

Street addresses are often difficult to see, especially at night. A custom address plaque placed at the entrance of a residence is an excellent way to ensure an address is clear, leaving a piece of mind knowing in the event emergency vehicles may become necessary, they will find the address without delay. The custom frames are hand built to withstand the outside elements and gravels are then placed within the frames to complete the masterpiece. A beautiful landscape surrounding the custom plaque is sure to attract the attention of those who ride by your office or organization or to make you envied within the neighborhood. Installing your plaque within a current landscape or a new design can be easily done by us as well. A variety of colored stones are available to choose from. In most instances, stones are available to match logos. Natural stone is of course also available to enhance the plaque with a more natural look.

Custom Topiary Art

Encore Quality Services LLCs Custom Topiary Art is for those who wish to present a more unique landscape or perhaps express their interests within a topiary creation. Our custom topiary art is hand crafted, and built from steel rods of up to 1/4” depth and welded securely to withstand the outside elements.

Landscape Design and Topiary art in Frederick, MD and BeyondThe topiary art can be built with a variety of options including:

  • An inner irrigation system
  • Filled or unfilled with sphagnum moss
  • Planted or unplanted
  • Dyed sphagnum moss
  • A metal frame only – for those who just appreciate the beauty of the metal art.

We are proud to have received an award at the Great Frederick Fair for our landscape design which included our custom lawn plaques and topiary art.

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