Snow & Ice Management

Snow Maintenance Frederick MDEncore Quality Services LLC can be trusted to deliver around the clock snow and ice removal from sidewalks, roads and parking lots of communities, offices, organizations or shopping centers. Our snow and ice management system has proven effective. The record breaking snowfall for the Mid Atlantic Region in the winter season of 2009 / 2010 seemed to cripple the region, however, our team handled it with ease and 100% complete customer satisfaction. Our services were done thoroughly and completed even before our clients expectations, allowing them to be opened as scheduled.

The following is a few features which makes our snow and ice management system so successful.

  • Our dispatch system pulls our crews together as a team ensuring all operations are handled timely and thoroughly. We realize the importance of timely services during a snow event. Our team is always aware of hours of operations and important key times of arrival of tenants or employees and they work accordingly. Our snow and ice management system includes a custom plan to accommodate your needs, including beginning services at up to 1 – 2 inches, icy conditions or set at a zero tolerance.
  • Our billing system is much appreciated by clients as it’s obvious they are submitted with an honest figure. Our snow removal invoices are not ‘rounded up’ to the nearest hour, but rather include the exact, to the minute log ins and outs of all equipment which was used during the event. We recognize that many businesses ’round up’ their invoicing. This is an unfair treatment of clients. The difference in cost with this act could be substantial and perhaps bring clients over their budget. We are very proud of our snow and ice management systems and can honestly say, at each and every storm, every dollar earned – we got it honest.
  • Our necessary materials, including salt, melting agents and other supplies are stored in containers throughout our service area for quick and easy access during snow removal operations. At the end of every storm, our inventory of materials and supplies are checked for adequacy and our equipment is checked over in preparation for the next storm.
  • Our fleet remains ready all season long to ensure proper management of any surprise storms which may arise. Our fleet and equipment consists of an ample amount of equipment to get the job done including trucks with plows and salt spreaders, skid loaders, backhoes, snow blowers and dump trucks in the event of a blizzard and its necessary to haul snow away from the premises.

Snow Removal Services- Maintenance in Frederick MDYou can rest assure that if ‘Old Man Winter’ can throw it down, Encore Quality Services can handle it.

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