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Feeback from our Landscape Design and Lawn Care Customers

We have been very satisfied with Encore Quality Services. They have provided quality services at affordable prices through the years. Based on our experience with Encore Quality Services, we would recommend them without hesitation.

Richard and BarbaraHome ownersJefferson, MD

It has been a priority to keep our lawn well maintained and always have a neat appearance. Encore Quality Services has been able to perform this duty well beyond expectations. I would recommend them to any in need of this type of services.

RobertStation ManagerGoldenmile ExxonFrederick, MD

We have been using Encore Quality Services at our locations around Frederick County, Maryland and find them to be excellent at handling our landscaping and snow removal needs. They are responsive and diligent in their work and have offered helpful advice as we improve our appearance through landscaping. I have used several other companies in the past and feel that Encore Quality Services has provided us the best quality of work and overall value. I recommend them without hesitation.

WillGeneral ManagerEwing Holdings, Inc.

This company, by far has without a doubt been the most efficient and reliable company I have come across. I never have to second guess them, it all gets done. They have outstanding service, which is very hard to come by these days. I would recommend this company to anyone.

TomSenior Mortgage Loan OfficerBank Of America

They are very dependable and prompt. They do a complete and thorough job. We’re sure that they will provide the same professional and courteous service wherever they work. All of the employees sent to our location have been very neat in appearance and have all had extremely friendly personalities. We’re sure you will be pleased with their job performance.

StanleyPlant ManagerVulcan Materials

Encore Quality Services is providing lot sweeping, porter and sign replacement services at the Charles Town Plaza. I have found Lisa Carroll and her crew to be very hard working and reliable in providing these services. They are great eyes and ears for our property, and are always looking for ways to help improve the appearance and efficiency of the Center. I would highly recommend them for your consideration.

CurtCPM Property ManagerKimco Realty CorporationCharles Town, WV

Encore Quality Services LLC has been providing asphalt sweeping services for Clagett Management for years. We are currently providing asphalt sweeping services at the Con-ley Office Center and the Patrick Street shopping center. We are very proud to work for a high standard management company such as Clagett Management.

ChrisseProperty ManagerClagett ManagementFrederick, MD

Encore Quality Services LLC has performed many services for several Food Lion stores for many years. Among the eight different stores located in Frostburg, MD, Hagerstown, MD, Eldersburg, MD, Taneytown, MD, Berryville, VA and Kearneysville, WV, services included landscaping, lawn maintenance, snow and ice management and asphalt sweeping operations. Although our service area of these stores were scattered about, our services remained of excellence including our snow and ice management. Unfortunately, a recent change occurred as Food Lion Corporate made the decision for a nationwide provider to perform the asphalt sweeping, snow and ice management at all stores within the nation. Through no fault of our own, we no longer provide these services, but even still today, the district facility manager is proud of our work and says “he never had any complaints, and that’s a good thing.” We are however, currently still providing landscaping and lawn maintenance services for the Food Lion stores in Eldersburg, MD and Taneytown, MD.

CurtisDistrict facilities Mgr.Food Lion Corp.Strasburg, VA

Encore Quality Service LLC has performed many landscape design, installation projects and lawn maintenance for Kimco Realty through the years. Unfortunately, the landscaping services was recently awarded to another company as Kimco Realty’s budget changed and they were forced to acquire more competitive bids. It’s our hopes to acquire the landscaping in this location again soon. We are currently performing asphalt sweeping operations in one of Kimco Realty’s most prominent shopping centers, ‘River Hill’ in Columbia, MD. We are also currently providing asphalt sweeping operations at the Charlestown Plaza in Charlestown, WV. During our term of providing landscaping and lawn maintenance services in the Charlestown Plaza, we actually took the property to a new level upon our initiative. Between this particular shopping center and the highway there was initially brush which had grown to the point that the shopping center appeared dull and the stores were actually difficult to see, including a Walmart. Encore Quality Service LLC cut down and removed the brush and cleaned up the underlying debris. This is now a service at which Kimco Realty expects and performs regularly as their tenants and neighborhood appreciated the change.

MikeProperty ManagerKimco Realty Corp.Columbia, MD

Encore Quality Service LLC has been providing landscape design and installation, lawn maintenance, snow and ice management services for BP Solar since 1998. Other projects within our years of servicing the premises have included skid loader services, sod installation, custom lawn plaques and asphalt sweeping services. Asphalt sweeping was eventually eliminated from BP Solar’s budget. Through the years, we have accommodat-ed BP Solar with even the toughest deadlines and have acted immediately upon any emergency request. As we always adhere to BP Solar’s safety rules and regulations, we have an excellent record of safety at the plant. BP Solar is a solar manufacturing company which until recently operated as a 24 hour facility.

VictorFacilities ManagerBP SolarFrederick, MD
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