Lawn Maintenance, Design, & Installation

Encore Quality Services LLC is your single source provider for superior landscaping and lawn maintenance needs. The following is just a few standards of what our experienced team is dedicated to:

Landscape design and Installation

Landscape Design in Hagerstown and Frederick MDPrior to designing your landscape, we listen closely to your desires and needs to ensure that we deliver you just that. We consider many factors during the design of a landscape, some of which include, soil conditions of the area, whether the area is sunny or shady, the drainage condition, views from inside particular areas of an establishment or a room, coordination with existing landscapes, level of maintenance desired, bloom times, color, variances of height and width of plants and most importantly plant sizes once matured. During installations, all of our plants are planted according to each plants particular specifications. Through the years of delivering immaculate landscape designs and installations our recommendations have grown substantially, drawing in clients by simply word of mouth.

Lawn mowing and edging

Our lawn maintenance starts off in the beginning of each season with a thorough spring clean up of the turf, including removal of all branches and other debris which may have accumulated on your property in the winter months. During our mowing operations, our team is careful not to direct mowing clippings toward parked vehicles, buildings or mulch beds. In appropriate areas, grass clippings are caught and hauled away for proper recycling. Trimming is performed around all obstacles and a crisp, clean edging is performed around sidewalks, curbs and mulch beds. At completion of mowing operations, all sidewalks, streets, and other pavements are blown off with high powered back pack blowers. Our team is always geared with the appropriate personal protective equipment during mowing operations. For safety precautions, our team yields to any pedestrians throughout the property and temporarily cease’s operations until the pedestrian is within safe distance of the working equipment.

Mulch applications

Mulching and more in Hagerstown MD

Our mulch applications are more than just another layer of mulch atop the old mulch. We apply a quality hardwood shredded mulch and now offer your choice of a variety of dyed colors. Our team is careful not to exceed a maximum of a 4” depth of mulch. An excess of this amount blocks the access of oxygen from the air above the soil, promoting various complications for plants. When necessary, we remove the old mulch to stay within the appropriate depth. Our team levels the mulch properly as well, not leaving an uneven bed which appears literally tossed in.

Maintenance of mulch beds

Mulch beds are beautiful at the completion of a mulch application, however, constant maintenance of them keeps their beauty throughout the season. At application of mulch, we apply a pre emergent herbicide, however when those stubborn weeds arise throughout the season, we physically remove them and apply a post emergent herbicide when necessary.

Hard surface weed control

Professional Landscape Design in Frederick, MD

Weeds peeking through cracks of paved surfaces can be quite uninviting for guests as it seems to make the entire premises appear ungroomed. We physically remove and apply a post emergent herbicide on all weeds which have grown through cracks of concrete pads, asphalt and sidewalk cracks. This is vital to ensure your property keeps a well groomed appearance.

Lawn Treatments

We arrange a treatment program to accommodate the needs of your lawn in particular to ensure a healthy vigorous lawn. Our applications are done by a certified associate in accordance with federal and state requirements.

Tree and shrub pest control

Monitoring of trees and shrubbery is important to protect your landscape investment. Our team monitors and controls trees and shrubs of any damaging insects. When pesticides are found necessary, our applications are done by a certified associate in accordance with federal and state requirements.

Pruning of trees and shrubs

Professional Lawn Maintenance Services in Frederick, MD

Our experienced team prunes trees and shrubs in observance of standard pruning practices. Pruning of deciduous trees are performed during the dormant season. During our tree pruning operations, diseased and crossing branches are removed and a general thinning of branches is performed to allow good light and air circulation. We prune any suckers and low hanging branches during regular visits. Our team shears shrubbery as required to maintain a formal appearance allowing an overall well groomed appearance of the premises.

Leaf removal

Leaves falling from trees can quickly take a toll on the appearance of your property. We perform leaf removal operations starting in the fall, on a regular basis until the leaves have dropped and are properly recycled. We remove leaves from the entire premises including turf areas, mulch beds, parking lots, between buildings and other accessible areas.

Our team delivers landscape and lawn maintenance services of quality and always provides our services with a passion. You can rest assure that we will enhance your landscape, perhaps leaving you the envy of the neighborhood, attract those who have always drove by your office without a glance, or bring your community to a scale above the rest.

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